Chapter 15 Part 2

After a few more minutes making my way along the top of the wall, I reached the door that lead into the keep tower and ducked inside. The room where I’d lain unconscious after the attack of the griffon had been reorganized shortly after I’d woken up, the beds pushed closer together to make room […]

Chapter 15 Part 1

“If one knows how an enemy thinks, one can often know what an enemy will do. Or, more often, what that enemy will not do.” -Caurus Etrenius, “A Treatise on the Nature of Conflict” “Hey, Griff!” I looked up, leaning back from the parapet. For the better part of the day I’d been on watch […]

A Little Memorial Delay

Sorry folks, but thanks to the holiday weekend here in the States I’m afraid this week’s post is going to be a little late. Look for this week’s post tomorrow at the usual time, by which I mean ‘some time before midnight’.  In the mean time, let’s raise a cup for the fallen, may they […]

Interlude: Day 7

The peal of a bell echoed out across the fields around Low Evering, muted and low but clear in the night’s stillness. Conroy, walking behind the wagon as it trundled its way out of town, hazarded a look over his shoulder, wondering for a moment if it was a signal or alarm before he remembered […]

Interlude: Day 6

The lamp was still lit. That’s what’s odd, Conroy thought; he’d retired to his room above the common room of the Jack and Jester an hour ago, as Mason and the last of the night’s patrons had left for their homes, but though every previous night the lamp that hung next to the inn’s sign […]

Chapter 14 Part 4

“What was that?” I asked Aler. “He thinks-” “I know,” Aler said, cutting me off, “I’ve tried talking him down, talking him out of it, but it’s no use, it only seems to make him angrier. He sat with Ran while Ran… while he got worse, and after it was over, he apparently decided it […]

Chapter 14 Part 3

Sir Hagan walked away down the stairs, leaving me alone with the fire for the moment. I stared into the flames, thinking about what he’d asked me. If he was as disappointed in my answer as he seemed to be, he’d obviously been looking for another one, but what had he hoped I’d say? That […]