Chapter 17 Part 2

“It does seem like a whole lot larger army than was initially suggested,” Bat said. “In their first meeting, the day they came to the keep, I remember that Musa fellow telling The Hen that he was expecting to face ‘several hundred’ of the enemy. Unless by ‘several’ he meant ‘a hundred’, his estimates were […]

Chapter 17 Part 1

“When first I heard the short Fae referred to as the sidhe, I thought it was the height of foolishness, that there could be no worse thought to plant in the minds of our men than that our enemy were the dark spirits of the woods, the tricksters and makers of foul deals from every […]

Chapter 16 Part 3

I climbed down the stairs into the tower’s ground floor, into the space we’d been using as a common room. Most of the hastily-built trestle tables and benches had been pushed out against the walls, and the room was filled with soldiers, both Euphentines and men from our own unit, packing away foodstuffs in barrels […]

Chapter 16 Part 2

Oskar held out a hand toward me. “Here. Your pack.” “Hmm?” I looked back at him. “Give me your pack,” he said, “and then hurry up ahead. Whatever’s happening with those troops up there, Sir Hagan’s going to want you and Bat assisting him.” He waggled the hand at me. “Pack. Here.” I remembered the […]

Chapter 16 Part 1

“The history of Mirennus is a history of excess, of a society that lacks entirely a sense of moderation. Either they are ruled by a single king, or they are a thousand tiny kingdoms. Either they worship a thousand gods, or claim that only one even exists.” -Caurus Etrennius, A History “If you need to […]

Chapter 15 Part 3

I took a deep breath. “‘Punched to death’ isn’t exactly how I’d describe it. The griffon had smashed the aura cart, and was rampaging across the field. The sidhe who was riding it had used the wand he was carrying on Sir Bliss, and I was checking to see how bad Bliss was when the […]

Chapter 15 Part 2

After a few more minutes making my way along the top of the wall, I reached the door that lead into the keep tower and ducked inside. The room where I’d lain unconscious after the attack of the griffon had been reorganized shortly after I’d woken up, the beds pushed closer together to make room […]