Announcement – Late-Summer Hiatus

Hi folks! First, I wanted to apologize for the lack of post last week without explanation. As we’re getting toward the end of summer, I’ve got other projects with hard deadlines that are rapidly approaching, and for the moment I’m afraid Mud and Iron is going to have to take a back seat to those […]

A Little Memorial Delay

Sorry folks, but thanks to the holiday weekend here in the States I’m afraid this week’s post is going to be a little late. Look for this week’s post tomorrow at the usual time, by which I mean ‘some time before midnight’.  In the mean time, let’s raise a cup for the fallen, may they […]

Mud and Iron Holiday Hiatus

Hi Folks! This is just a quick note that I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off of Mud and Iron for the holidays. Expect the next post when the bell… tolls… one! Ahem, sorry. Got a mild case of the Jacob Marleys, nothing to worry about. You should actually expect the next post on January […]