Chapter 13 Part 2

We dragged the cart forward into the trees as fast as we could, Aler and I at a sort of half-jog. The cart creaked worryingly as its wheels rolled up and dropped down over tree roots and fallen branches in the path, and a couple of times I heard Ceyx draw in sharp breaths through […]

Chapter 13, Part 1

“The true danger any opponent poses is not that they can do a hundred things you cannot, magical or otherwise, but that they might do one thing that you would never have considered possible. In that sense, humanity was as great a threat to the Fae as the Fae were to humanity.” -Irandrya Ayes, Concord […]

Chapter 12 Part 3

The knights took seats around the table, and Bat and I set about serving them. The wine we’d received from the Concord quartermasters was a dark, almost-black red, sweet and bitter in equal measure even after we’d mixed it with hot water from the kettle. Sir Bliss and another pair of knights arrived just as […]

Chapter 12 Part 2

“Mason!” Sir Bliss was walking toward us down the column. “We’re making camp, you’re wanted up front. And after you’ve finished getting Sir Hagan’s things set up, stay at his tent. Says it’s time for a strategy meeting.” “Got it, Sir.” I looked at Ran as I gently lowered my pack onto its side. “Looks […]