Chapter 12 Part 1

“You might hate the enemy and everything he stands for, sure, but at the level of the battlefield you and he understand each other: you’re trying to kill him because he’s trying to kill you because you’re trying to kill him, and so on. The cold, on the other hand, seems to want to kill […]

Chapter 11 Part 4

Heads turned to face us. General Byrne raised an eyebrow. “Sir Hagan?” “My men and I will reopen the Mendoscori Pass.” Sir Hagan gestured to us. “It was one of a few options I’d been considering suggesting after the meeting, one of a few ways we could best contribute. Now, it seems the obvious best […]

Chapter 11 Part 3

General Byrne clasped one of Piet’s hands in his own. “The Guild has done the Concord a great service here today.” He looked back down the line of markers toward the cart. “Is this the largest aura you can produce?” “Very nearly,” Piet said. “The size of the field expands with the strength of the […]

Chapter 11 Part 2

The moment the wire touched the rod, the dull pain behind my jaw doubled and began to throb. Bat and Sir Hagan both raised their hands to their chins, and I saw Sir Bliss visibly grimace. As I turned my head, I could feel the throb shifting, as though there was a thin thread tied […]