Chapter 11 Part 1

It is certainly possible that, in time, the Fae Conflict will be remembered more as a golden age than a dark time, more for the knowledge we gained than the men we lost. -Caurus Etrenius, “Philosophy, Magic, and War” The Philosophers’ Guild sat on a low hill, within the city walls but well away from […]

Chapter 10 Part 4

Members of the other delegations stood up, and began speaking to their people in what I presumed were their native languages. Sir Hagan did the same. “All right. There’s plenty to do, and only an hour to do it in.” “What’s happening?” Sir Lloyd asked him. “Is the meeting over? Do we have marching orders?” […]

Chapter 10 Part 3

General Byrne was looking down at the table, studying a map that lay in front of him, but he raised his head shortly after Bat and I returned. “So, the situation is the same everywhere,” he said in Euphenti. “Despite everything, we fall back. Even where we hold the field, where we win the battle, […]

Chapter 10 Part 2

“Honestly, lad,” Bat said softly, as he put slices of some kind of bird onto a pair of pewter plates in his hand, “I’m almost glad we had that whole terrible panic this morning. Means at least something exciting happened today. Maybe you can hold that Byrne fellow at knife point again before supper.” I […]