Mud and Iron Holiday Hiatus

Hi Folks! This is just a quick note that I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off of Mud and Iron for the holidays. Expect the next post when the bell… tolls… one! Ahem, sorry. Got a mild case of the Jacob Marleys, nothing to worry about. You should actually expect the next post on January […]

Chapter 10 Part 1

“The rulers of nations can never be said to truly trust one another, but there are a few ways they can come to cooperate: common ancestry, common national interests, or a common foe.” -Caurus Etrenius, “A Treatise on the Nature of Conflict” The man in the yellow robe rose from his seat, and opened his […]

Chapter 9 Part 5

  The pavilion at the center of the Concord Army encampment was massive, but when viewed up close it seemed oddly piecemeal. The great ring of marble columns held up a domed copper-green roof that seemed to be original to the structure, but the spaces between the columns appeared to originally have been open to […]

Chapter 9 Part 4

I passed Sir Bliss Lynott going the other way as I neared Sir Hagan’s standard. His eyes fell on me, looking me up and down as though he were sizing me up, and then met my eyes with his and gave me a curt nod, his expression unreadable. I nodded back, even more confused now […]