Chapter 9 Part 3

The boat pulled itself merrily along, leaving the city Mr. Selus called Austiopoli and crawling out along the canal through a warm flat grassland. A gentle breeze alleviated the worst of the heat, and a few of the younger soldiers cooled off by splashing each other with water from the channel. We spent three days […]

Chapter 9 Part 2

When I came back up on deck a few hours later, the ship was just coming into the broad mouth of a wide harbor. The color of the water had changed, from the blue and black of the deep sea to a vibrant blue-green, the sandy sea-floor just visible down below the surface. Ahead of […]

Chapter 9 Part 1

“While the organization required was enormous and the complications in execution many, the central idea of the Concord Army was a simple one: either we all won together, or we all perished together.” -General Perion Byrne, Lord Commander of the Concord Army I was in the hold of the Nostrus Turus, helping a couple of […]

Interlude: Day 4

Conroy couldn’t help but grin as he gazed out over the notes he’d spread out across the table in the common room of the inn. He’d been listening to Griff Mason and recording his story for only three days, and yet he felt that he already had a clearer picture of the war than he’d […]