Chapter 8 Part 3

Kellan looked up as I slowly pushed open the door to his room. He was sitting up against the headboard of his bed, taking tentative sips from a cup of hot broth. His face was still half-covered in linen bandages, leaving only his right eye visible, and his left shoulder and chest were bound up […]

Chapter 8 Part 2

For a moment the bunkhouse was silent, the rattling of the door on its hinges the only sound, but then the room erupted in noise as everyone began talking at once. Bat held up his hands, as the dozen or so men closest to the door started toward him. “All right, boys, all right, settle […]

Chapter 8 Part 1

“A soldier may fight for freedom, it is true, and even at times for his own freedom, but the soldier’s very duty is itself a denial of freedom; the soldier is always, by nature, a slave to the war he fights.” -Caurus Etrenius, “A Treatise on the Nature of Conflict” “Sure, it looks like the […]

Chapter 7 Part 4

Despite Bat saying there was nothing I could do for him, the first thing I did once I got back inside the city gates was find my way back to Kellan. I found him laid out on a long bench under a hastily-erected tent at the far end of the main square. Oskar had found […]

Chapter 7 Part 3

With strangers at either side, I broke into a sprint, tightening my grip on my spear as we closed with the enemy. Straight ahead of me in the middle of the enemy line I locked eyes with one of the shorter creatures, and it brandished a pair of bronze daggers at me and opened its […]