Chapter 7 Part 2

The street we were jogging down widened out suddenly, and I realized we were in the main courtyard, the one we’d passed through when we entered the city. Ahead, Sir Hagan raised a fist, and the marching column came to a stop. I looked around at the assembled troops. We seemed to have picked up […]

Chapter 7 Part 1

“Some have suggested that the power of the Fae to impose their will over a man’s own is a demonstration of the natural hierarchical nature of both men and beasts; the strong rule the weak, a king rules his subjects, and so on. Others have suggested that the Fae represent a subversion of the natural […]

Chapter 6 Part 5

“We’ve made it, boys!” Bat called out from behind me. “Welcome to the capital!” I looked up, and realized I’d probably been staring at the ground for the better part of an hour. Ahead, I could see a round stone tower emerging from the late afternoon gloom, and tall walls stretching out and back behind […]

Chapter 6 Part 4

Later, as the fire in the stone hearth began to die down and most of the men had found their bedrolls, Bat came back over and sat down among the rest of Sir Hagan’s men. “Well, sounds like Iaggi will be coming with us, at least as far as the gates of Kintinvale.” He pulled […]