Chapter 6 Part 3

We camped that night at the edge of the Fen, as the drizzling rain slowly faded to a soft prickling mist. In the morning, word came down from Sir Hagan that we were to be sure to fill all our water skins before we assembled. Skelley showed us to a little brook just a few […]

Chapter 6 Part 2

Skelley roused us a little before dawn, with a few words about where we needed to form up and how quickly we needed to be ready. The rain that had started during the night had now settled into a light but continuous drizzle. In silence, we rolled up our wet bedrolls and got everything packed […]

Chapter 6 Part 1

“The walls of Kintinvale had shrugged off the Estlay revolt a hundred years previous to the Fae Conflict, and the Happ Invasion had broken its spears on them seventy years later, but against the Fae, I admit I feared that the stones of the city would do nothing but mark our tombs.” -King Dorey Creag, […]

Chapter 5 Part 4

The fog began to rise and thicken behind us as Oskar and I dragged Kellan away from the battlefield. The bridge and the men behind us faded from my sight before we’d even rounded the first bend in the road, and by the time we’d gone a quarter of a mile the shouts and sounds […]

Chapter 5 Part 3

Behind me, I could hear someone shout something that might have been my name. I hardly noticed; I had other things on my mind, and I wasn’t about to let myself be distracted. I walked a few more steps before I felt a hand grip my arm and spin me around. It was Oskar. He […]