Chapter 5 Part 2

We surged forward at a trot, keeping pace with the cavalry in front of us. While the previous days of marching had been filled with conversation, a hundred voices talking up and down the column, now we moved in silence, a nervous energy settling over us. I focused my attention on my spear, trying to […]

Chapter 5 Part 1

“The Fae were unlike any enemy Mankind had ever faced before. They fought not with bow, axe, or siege engine, but with words, illusions, and the very forces of nature.”  -General Perion Byrne, Lord Commander of the Concord Army  The inn was large compared to the one in Cantlay Town, a major stopping point on […]

Chapter 4 Part 3

“I still don’t feel right about it,” Munder said, “leaving him under a pile of rocks like that.” Ran had picked up a thin stick somewhere, and swung it at a the head of a thistle as he passed it. “I’ve got plenty of ancestors buried under a lot of rocks, and Stony Hill seems […]

Chapter 4 Part 2

Kellan held a pair of wooden cups as Ran filled them with water from a skin, and then held one out to me. “Here, you look like you need it.” I nodded, and took the cup from him. “Thanks.” With my free hand, I wiped my sleeve across my sweaty brow, and leaned back against […]