Chapter 4 Part 1

“The horrors of battle, whatever the age, have always been awful but mercifully short. By far, a soldier’s mettle has always been more sorely tested by transit than by the fighting itself.” -Caurus Etrenius, “A Treatise on the Nature of Conflict” “He was a bright man, to be sure, but Etrenius died, what, two hundred […]

Chapter 3 Part 4

“No, but seriously, Ran- and not to sound like you’re not welcome, because you absolutely are. But Ran, not to put too fine a point on it, why are you here?” I stared at Kellan, my mouth hanging open in surprise. So did Oskar, Bryce Haeward, and both of the am Lewards. The only one […]

Chapter 3 Part 3

We stepped forward as one; our feet falling together made a rumbling sound, even on the dew-covered grass. Ahead, the boys under Bat’s command lowered their spears. Bat had arranged their forces like Skelley had arranged ours, with the armored boys in front to protect the more fragile ones behind. I could see Kellan’s face […]

Chapter 3 Part 2

A low horn echoed out across the camp, and Bat stood. “That’s The Hen’s horn, lads. Sounds like it’s time to assemble.” We all stood and tossed our spears and partial spears onto the weapons cart, and then followed Bat back toward Sir Hagan’s tent. Skelley and the rest of the boys must already have […]