Chapter 1 Part 4

“Well,” Vardon said, “this has been a wonderful evening. Thank you, Saine.” “Oh, we do as well as we can,” my mother responded, “but you’re welcome all the same.” Remembering my manners, I muttered a “Yes, thank you,” as well, though ‘wonderful’ wasn’t the first word that would have come to mind. ‘Tense’ and ‘awkward’ […]

Chapter 1 Part 3

I’d felt calm and collected as I’d handed the list back to the messenger, but as I walked away from the square a pace behind Kellan my heart was racing, and I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking. It wasn’t fear I was feeling, I told myself, I was just excited, and if I was […]

Chapter 1 Part 2

An hour later, most of town had assembled in the square, about six hundred people, and the messenger decided he’d waited long enough. He stepped up on the front step of the inn and addressed the town. “People of Cantlay, I have come on behalf of Lord Carson and of Sir Hagan Henney, who serves […]

Chapter 1, Part 1

Whether he has a place to return to or not, whether he swears allegiance to a king or a nation or only to himself, whether he be a farmer or a smith or a professional mercenary, in the end every soldier fights for his home. -General Perion Byrne, Lord Commander of the Concord Army I […]